A New eBook: Safeguarding Your Virtual Handshake


As digital transaction management (DTM) solution advocates, we understand the significance of setting a high quality bar with regard to preparing, executing and managing documents in the cloud. Most consumers, however, are still getting up to speed on what DTM is and are unaware of the components that comprise a solid DTM foundation.

Additionally, concerns abound: according to a Pew Research study, roughly half of Americans think their personal data is less secure compared with five years ago.

That’s why we’ve created a new resource for consumers to better understand the significance of the xDTM Standard. Our new eBook, Safeguarding Your Virtual Handshake, offers a straightforward explanation of how to keep your data protected and connected in an open digital world. This resource outlines the eight elements of the standard in simple terms with real-world examples of why each component matters in today’s environment.

We encourage you to share this eBook with your customers and constituents to help spread the word about the importance of standards in keeping digital transactions protected yet accessible in today’s world.



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