JIPDEC Joins xDTM Standard Advisory Board to Advance Digital Signature Standards in Japan


We are pleased to welcome JIPDEC, a Japanese non-profit foundation focused on the safe and efficient use of digital information, to the xDTM Standard advisory board. JIPDEC joins industry leaders including NTT, BASF, DocuSign, Dow Jones & Company, FedEx, HP Enterprise, Intel, Linklaters, Microsoft, NBCUniversal, Neustar, SAP, Stanford, the U.S. Postal Service, Visa and others in advancing the global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) to empower organizations and individuals to conduct critical business online with trust and confidence.

JIPDEC has been instrumental in establishing standards for digital contract management and remote signatures in Japan. We are honored to have Toru Yamauchi join the xDTM Advisory Board to share his perspective on the evolution of standards for digital transactions in Japan.

Digital agreements often involve sensitive data so it is essential that the technologies involved include comprehensive privacy and security features. As the adoption of DTM technologies in Japan increases, identity and authenticity are vital to maintaining customer trust. JIPDEC has developed a new, easy-to-use electronic certificate, the “JCAN Certificate” specifically focused on the exchange of digital contracts.

The JCAN Certificate helps to reduce costs and enhance safety in the exchange of electronic contracts. At the core of the JCAN solution is ROBINS-The Cyber Business Register, a corporate certificate authority registry, developed and operated by JIPDEC, that is widely recognized by both government agencies and the industry.

“Cloud computing technology is reducing the cost burden and complexity for Japanese businesses, and adoption of cloud computing services is rapidly increasing,” said Toru Yamauchi, Managing Director and Head of Internet Trust Center, JIPDEC. “Standards such as the JCAN Certificate and the xDTM Standard that increase customer trust in cloud computing services will help users find powerful, trustworthy, and secure offerings.”

The xDTM Standard Association created the xDTM Standard to ensure digital transactions are protected yet accessible, while limiting exposure to the risks and consequences of noncompliant technologies. By looking for xDTM Standard certification, organizations can evaluate and compare DTM solutions across a common set of criteria and best practices, and ultimately transact business digitally with solutions that instill trust and confidence.


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