Understanding Digital Transformation in Japan


In our ongoing effort to develop digital transaction management standards that are applicable around the globe, the xDTM Standard Association traveled to Tokyo last week to meet with local organizations and hear their perspectives on these evolving technologies.

We met with a diverse group of businesses and government ministries, and greeted our newest board member, Dr. Eiji Kuwana, Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Security Officer, NTT Advanced Technology Corp., in person.

In a region with a strong tradition of paper-based transactions, Japanese institutions are evolving to digital mindfully, with a strong focus on standards. Many government agencies in Japan are eager to understand how other regions are developing effective policies to support secure, private and valid digital transactions that comply with local laws. Much like in the U.S., the Japanese real estate industry is at the forefront of understanding how to make the transition to digital.

It was exciting to hear first hand how Japan is leaning into digital transformation, and understand the unique concerns Japanese businesses have regarding how to make digital transactions protected yet accessible. We look forward to continued participation and engagement with the xDTM Standard Association in this region.



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